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iSmartRecruit is an Easy-to-Use, Complete Multilingual Staffing Software
Strengthens Candidate Sourcing, Applicant Tracking, CRM, and Analytics.
Effective for Corporate HR or Staffing Businesses.

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Improve the Search for Better Candidates

  • Publish your jobs to the internet's most popular job boards and social networks automatically.
  • Automatically link your open positions to your business website in real time. No need to call your webmaster for updates.
  • Automatically import and parse resumes into your database fields with a click from job boards, social networks and websites.
  • Build a strong candidate database where you can efficiently search for matching profiles.
  • Replace spreadsheets, paper resumes and unproductive sourcing methods.
iSmartRecruit best applicant tracking system streamlines your recruiting work flow and delivers an online staffing software system with a comprehensive source of critical information.

Easily Link Customers, Openings and Candidates

  • Customize iSmartRecruit staffing software to match your organization's hiring processes.
  • Securely browse resumes in the database using key words, Boolean and geographic radius queries.
  • Keep everyone informed using customizable steps in the work flow stages.
  • Easily track action items on your calendar by setting alerts and reminders. Never miss interviews or important calls and meetings again.
  • Be better prepared for candidate and customer feedback; track important outcomes with updates and notes.
  • Integrate with your department or company email to easily keep individuals and groups informed.
  • Access from your laptop, desktop or the smart phone in your pocket.
  • Easily manage your company's recruiting processes online to improve employee, candidate and customer communication.
Increase your organization's capacity to manage candidates and job orders thereby reducing your cost-per-hire and minimizing your number of days-to-hire.

Reinforce Relationships and Grow the Business

  • Use real-time dashboards so employees can easily access information.
  • Customize your business development processes by tracking prospects that can be converted to customers, maintain contact information for all stakeholders and maintain contract details.
  • Associate your customers with multiple openings, candidates and placements.
  • Forecast revenue, manage invoices and track payments.
iSmartRecruit best applicant tracking system centralizes and automates key corporate functions resulting in stronger stakeholder relationships, repeat business and company's growth.

Insightful Analyses and Reporting Capability

  • Easily maintain required stakeholder information for compliance reporting.
  • Use reporting tools for graphical displays and exporting functionality.
  • Make more effective, data-driven decisions for your department or business.
  • Uncover bottlenecks in your workflow and quickly identify improvement areas.
  • Monitor individual employee effectiveness to help improve performance.
  • Measure days to hire and identify your most profitable customers.
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated analysts or separate BI solutions.
iSmartRecruit's easy-to-use graphical reports positively impact completely display the business bottom line.

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About iSmartRecruit

As a corporate recruiter or recruiting business owner, using the technology advantage can reduce your days-to-hire while allowing you the time to focus on improving relationships with both customers and candidates. iSmartRecruit provides you with a best-of-breed, best ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and Staffing Software solution that keeps you ahead of the pack.

iSmartRecruit is a truly affordable staffing software for small and mid-sized Corporate HR and staffing Agencies. It's an extremely customizable solution that easily fits with recruiting departments and businesses. You will consistently deliver the best candidates, reduce days to hire, improve employee communication, strengthen candidate and customer relationships and improve your bottom line.

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OnPremise - delivered via your server or hosted at your chosen location

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